• ENERGYPOINT TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AWARD™The ultimate customer testimonial and a prestigious recognition of a first-place rating in the energy industry’s most recognized customer satisfaction survey. Read More…
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We conduct surveys in six industry segments and provide detailed data and ratings on customer satisfaction. Read More...

  • ❯ Offshore Drillers
  • ❯ Land Drillers
  • ❯ Oilfield Products
  • ❯ Oilfield Services
  • ❯ Midstream Services
  • ❯ Downstream

Mark of Excellence

Recognized symbols of customer satisfaction in the global energy industry. Read More...

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Our Process

Our surveys streamline the process of evaluation product and service providers across energy‑industry segments.

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Congratulations to these six companies that ranked the highest in total customer satisfaction in our various industry surveys. Read More...

Offshore Drillers

Land Drillers

Oilfield Products

Oilfield Services

Midstream Services

Gasoline Retailers

News & Insights

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