The Reluctant Rockstar

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Until recently, if one were to side-click their way to the website of onshore drilling contractor Helmerich & Payne (H&P) they could be forgiven for assuming the company was just another run-of-the-mill driller. Framed mostly in nondescript grey and blue, the site seemed like an unfinished afterthought of a organization with better things to do.

In truth, H&P traditionally has avoided the spotlight and left trumpeting of its success to customers and industry analysts. But when you’ve earned the kind of respect the Tulsa-based company has over the years, taking pride in the presentation of the story is only natural. More on par with the company’s image, H&P’s website has a decidedly more modern look and feel today. But the site’s content still suggests an organization focused on one simple goal: continued domination of the onshore contract drilling market. Continue reading

The Customer Has Spoken: A Decade of Appraisals

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In 2004, EnergyPoint Research first set out to discern which oil and gas equipment suppliers and service providers work best for their customers and to quantify their experiences. A decade of collecting and analyzing the relevant data has established EnergyPoint as the resolute voice of the oilfield consumer and the only curator of independent customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

EnergyPoint started its surveys solely with the assumptions that customer focus drives best practices and satisfied customers feed growth. Those facts held steady, and as we culled more industry wisdom from end users, we shared with our readers and subscribers a clearer picture of the critical variables companies can focus upon to create satisfied repeat customers. And we offered insights into how customers can influence the performance of their suppliers. Continue reading

M&A: Customer Friend or Foe? – Part 3

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In Parts 1 and 2 of this article, we examined the role customer dissatisfaction can play in the failure of M&A transactions, as well as the impacts various types of mergers can have on customers. In combination, the pieces presented what we hope is a cogent argument to reconsider, for the sake of both customers and shareholders, corporate combinations as the sector’s seemingly go-to means for achieving growth.

That said, we are not so naive as to assume two posts from EnergyPoint have forever slayed the forces that have made M&A such a popular strategic option in the industry over the decades. More combinations are inevitable. With this in mind, below are some tips for oilfield suppliers on the acquisition trail looking to maintain a customer satisfaction focus and, at the same time, be aware of potential customer-based risks. Continue reading

EnergyPoint Marks 10-yr Milestone with New Award

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Next month it will be 10 years since EnergyPoint Research published its first-ever survey results. The 2004 Wellsite Contractors Survey, now referred to as the Oilfield Services Survey, made quite a stir when it was released. Not only was it unique to the industry in its content, it was ground-breaking in concept as well: autonomously developed performance ratings of oil and gas industry suppliers as seen through the eyes of customers.

Today, EnergyPoint’s ratings are an increasingly important part of the industry’s understanding of how suppliers are doing in terms of satisfying their clients. The global oil and gas industry spends more than half a trillion dollars a year on oilfield products and services. Our mission is to provide market intelligence that impacts the success of suppliers and their customers.

Continue reading

Ensco, Vallourec, Newpark and H&P Grab Top Spots

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Each of the major segment winners in EnergyPoint Research’s 2013 survey garnered high praise from oilfield customers for their long-standing commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction. The annual Oilfield Products & Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted for the last decade, tracks the performance of oilfield suppliers in meeting the needs of the industry. The 2013 results, announced last week, reaffirm three past winners and introduce one new segment leader.

Ensco, Vallourec, Newpark Resources and Helmerich & Payne took top honors in the survey’s four main segments. The results were based on in-depth evaluations from thousands of qualified professionals at domestic and international customers of oilfield suppliers. Continue reading