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Wawa, Costco, Cumberland Farms, Kroger and QuikTrip Rate First Regionally

HOUSTON (August 1, 2018) – With an economy showing signs of revved-up growth and posting new records for vehicle-miles traveled, the customer satisfaction levels for U.S. gasoline retailers remained essentially flat in 2018, according to results from EnergyPoint Research’s 2018 Gasoline Retailers Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This year’s top-ranked retailer is Thorntons, which owns and operates 192 stores in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. In addition to achieving the top overall rating in total customer satisfaction in the survey, the Kentucky-based company also garnered first‑place ratings in both service quality and value.

Wawa rated second overall with customers, capturing top marks for convenience and ease, as well as for its loyalty and rewards program. The company also rated first in total satisfaction in the Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast regions. Rounding out the top five in terms of total satisfaction were RaceTrac, QuikTrip and Sheetz.

Top Ten in Total Satisfaction

“For the last fifteen years, EnergyPoint has tracked customer satisfaction across key segments of the oil and gas supply chain. For the third year in a row, customers indicate that their experiences at the retail pump exceed those of other segments of the industry,” noted Doug Sheridan, Managing Director and Founder of EnergyPoint Research. “The fact of the matter is the top‑rated companies are more than just refueling posts for customers‑they are favored destinations that Americans increasingly rely upon to power their busy lifestyles.”

The online survey, which was independently conducted by EnergyPoint Research in May and June 2018, focused on customers’ satisfaction with major U.S. gasoline retailers across a range of attributes and categories. In addition to rating retailers on an overall basis, the survey ranks companies, where eligible, within seven U.S. regional markets. A total of 37 companies received the minimum number of evaluations needed to be included in this year’s rankings.

Top Ten in Motor Fuels

Top Ten in Service Quality

Listed alphabetically, companies rating first in at least one category in the survey include:

  • Andeavor-affiliated stores in highway and distance travel in the Southwest;
  • BP and affiliate stores in commercial and fleet services in the overall U.S.; in highway and distance travel in the overall U.S., Mid‑Atlantic, Southeast and West, and; in convenience and ease in the West;•
  • Chevron and affiliated stores in motor fuels in the overall U.S., Northwest and Southeast, and; in highway and distance travel in the Northwest;
  • Costco in both total satisfaction and value in the Northwest, and in food and merchandise in the Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast;
  • Cumberland Farms in total satisfaction, food and merchandise, service quality, store facilities, highway and distance travel, and loyalty programs in the Northeast;
  • Kroger in total satisfaction, motor fuels, value, and three additional categories in the West; in motor fuels in the Mid‑Atlantic, Southwest and Midwest, and; in loyalty programs in the Southwest and West;
  • Kum & Go in convenience and ease, as well as loyalty programs, in the Midwest;
  • Marathon and affiliated stores in convenience and ease, motor fuels, and value in the Northeast, and; in branded stations in the Northeast and Southeast;
  • Maverik in service quality, store facilities, loyalty programs, food and merchandise, and convenience and ease in the Northwest; and convenience and ease in the Southwest;
  • Phillips 66 in branded stations in the overall U.S., Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and West, and; in service quality in the West;
  • Pilot Flying J in highway and distance travel in the Midwest;
  • QuikTrip in store facilities, as well as food and merchandise, in the overall U.S.; in store facilities in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast; in total satisfaction, service quality, and food and merchandise in the Southwest, and; in food and merchandise in the Midwest;
  • Thorntons in total satisfaction, value, and service quality in both the overall U.S. and Midwest, and;
  • Wawa in total satisfaction in the Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast; in convenience and ease in the overall U.S., Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast; in service quality in the Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast; in loyalty programs in the overall U.S., Mid‑Atlantic and Southeast regions, and; in three additional categories.

In addition to those listed above, other companies rated in the survey include 7‑Eleven, Alimentation Couche‑Tard‑affiliated stores, Allsup’s, Casey’s General Store, CEFCO, Cenex, Citgo, Exxon Mobil, E‑Z Mart, Global Partners‑affiliated stores, Kwik Fill, Kwik Trip, Love’s Travel Stops, MAPCO and affiliated stores, Meijer, Murphy USA, RaceTrac and affiliated stores, Sam’s Club, Sheetz, Shell, Sinclair, Stewart’s Shops and TravelCenters of America.

“Despite the loss of several competitors to consolidation, the number of retailers rated in this year’s survey is the highest ever,” noted Sheridan. “Circle K, Corner Store and Holiday Stationstores were consolidated into Alimentation Couche‑Tard for purposes of the study. However, several new companies were added to the rankings, including Andeavor‑affiliated stores, CEFCO, Global Partners‑affiliated stores, MAPCO and affiliates, Maverik and Thorntons. This expanded list better captures the range of companies active in the highly competitive space.”

Survey Information

The survey’s results reflect the evaluations of more than 26,000 individuals between 18 – 75 years of age across the U.S. Lower‑48 States, with a total of 37 retailers receiving the minimum number of evaluations needed to be included in the final rankings. For those categories and retailers in which ratings existed, scores from 2016 and 2017 surveys were included in this year's category‑winner calculations at lesser weightings than 2018 evaluations. In no case were 2016 – 17 ratings assigned a weighting of more than 20 percent for purposes of calculating final ratings and rankings.

Survey respondents were asked to rate retailers with which they have had significant experience as a paying customer within the last three months in one of seven selected U.S. regions. The survey, which included more than 30 questions, focused on features and attributes shown to drive satisfaction among customers of gasoline retailers, including: pricing and value, service quality, ease and convenience, motor fuels, food and merchandise, store facilities, loyalty and rewards programs, commercial and fleet programs, and highway and distance travel. U.S. regions covered in the survey include the Mid‑Atlantic, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest and West.

Full survey results are included in EnergyPoint’s 2018 Gasoline Retailers Ratings & Analysis Report. Purchase options include detailed ratings for all 37 companies by region, as well as analysis of overall trends and drivers of customer satisfaction in the gasoline retailing space.

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