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Other Highly Rated Contractors Include Precision Drilling and Independence Contract Drilling in Onshore U.S. & Canada, and Valaris in the Global Offshore

HOUSTON (Aug 4, 2021) – EnergyPoint Research, a provider of independent market research for the global energy industry, announces results from its 2021 Contract Drillers Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The surveys, which have been conducted annually since 2006, are part of EnergyPoint’s portfolio of studies focused on the global energy industry’s satisfaction with the products and services it utilizes and depends upon.

According to Doug Sheridan, managing director and founder of EnergyPoint Research, “Drilling contractors have faced in recent years some of the most formidable market conditions on record. Leading drillers have now begun to right their ships financially, and up their performance operationally, just as customers need it most. Over the survey period, customer satisfaction scores among major drilling contractors improved in several key areas—including job quality, service and professionalism, and digital and data capabilities.”

In the onshore segment, Helmerich & Payne continued its multi-year run as the top-rated driller overall. The company’s ratings were also marked by top scores in technology, HSE, job quality, digital oilfield and big data, and two other organizational and service categories. The Tulsa-based driller also rated first in Interior Texas & Mid-continent, and the Onshore Gulf Coast. Precision Drilling rated No. 2 overall, recording top scores in HPHT applications, harsh-environment wells, Bakken-Dakotas, Canada and two additional categories.

Listed alphabetically, other land contract drillers rating first in at least one survey category include:

  • Independence Contract Drilling in service and professionalism, and;
  • Nabors Industries in Appalachian Basin – Marcellus, as well as the U.S. Rockies

Maersk Drilling again took the top honors offshore. This is the second consecutive year the company rated No. 1 overall with customers. The Denmark-based driller’s ratings were driven by top marks in performance and reliability, harsh-environment wells, Western Europe & North Sea region, and two additional categories. Runner up Valaris rated first in HSE, deepwater wells, Middle East & North Africa, Latin America & Mexico, HPHT applications, and two additional categories.

Listed alphabetically, other offshore contract drillers rating first in at least one survey category include:

  • Borr Drilling in service and professionalism;
  • Shelf Drilling in Asia & Pacific Rim, and;
  • Transocean in technology, Gulf of Mexico, ultra-deepwater wells, and one additional category.

Top Three in Total Satisfaction

Top Three in Service & Professionalism

Top Three in Digital Oilfield & Big Data

“While strong customer satisfaction is always a feather in an organization’s cap, it’s especially so in the early phases of a recovery,” observed Sheridan. “As the long-awaited recovery unfolds, top-tier contractors can expect to enjoy faster revenue growth, healthier margins, increased customer loyalty, and stronger market-share gains. This will prove especially true as an improving outlook pushes customers toward longer-term contracts.”

Survey Information

The surveys, which included more than 40 questions, were concluded on December 31, 2020. Survey questions focused on features and attributes shown to drive satisfaction among customers of contract drillers. These include pricing and contract terms, performance and reliability, job quality, safety and environmental, service and professionalism, technology, digital oilfield and big data, and corporate capabilities. Respondents also evaluated contractors across multiple regions, applications and well types. Survey respondents were asked to rate only those contractors with which they have had significant experience as customers within the last 24 months.

Final survey results reflect opinions from more than 1,000 customer evaluations concerning 17 major contract drillers. For those categories and companies in which qualifying evaluations exist, scores from EnergyPoint’s 2018 and 2019 studies were included in this year's category‑winner calculations at lesser weightings than 2020 and 2021 studies. In no case were prior-period survey results assigned a weighting of more than 20 percent on a combined basis for purposes of calculating this year’s final ratings and rankings.

Results from the survey are available in EnergyPoint’s 2021 Ratings & Analysis Reports. The publication includes detailed results for all rated contractors, with analysis of trends and drivers of customer satisfaction as revealed by the survey data. Inquiries regarding reports, as well as promotional rights and programs for top-rated contractors, should be directed to or +1.713.529.9450. Information on each can also be found at the following online locations: or +1.713.529.9450. Information on each can also be found at the following online locations:

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